HDMI/DVI (with HDCP), audio and serial fiber-optic based receivers

Two-port (VG-RX2-MM-HDMI-ISA) or four-port (VG-RX4-MM-HDMI-ISA) flexibility


Voyager HDMI/DVI receivers are available in two-port (VG-RX2-MM-HDMI-ISA) and four-port (VG-RX4-MM-HDMI-ISA) iterations, and accept video, audio and two-way serial from any Voyager transmitter (HDMI, DVI, VGA or component). HDCP-protected video is supported and these receivers are rated for 1920x1200 uncompressed video signals, to distances of 6,600 feet over multimode fiber.

One multimode fiber-optic module is included with each unit. Additional modules can be ordered to daisy-chain Voyager receivers (increasing distribution options). Up to 10 (or more, depending on distance and the specific type of fiber being used) Voyager receivers can ultimately be daisy-chained together.

The unit's ISA module also allows analog audio to be received. The analog audio can also be embedded with video and outputted via a single HDMI connector. Conversely, embedded HDMI audio can also be de-embedded and broken out separately, via the analog audio output on the receiver.

The new Voyager HDMI-SRx module can be used with both two and four-port cores. This module takes video from any Voyager transmitter and outputs one of 29 different stored  video resolutions. A 30th resolution can be custom configured by the user. When operating in its default mode, and connected with a display, the SRx scaling receiver will automatically read EDID information and configure itself in order to output the screen’s preferred resolution.

Singlemode fiber optic modules supporting longer distances (4KM and 30KM) are also available from Magenta.

A power supply is included.

Downloads for HDMI/DVI (with HDCP), audio and serial fiber-optic based receivers



• Singlemode or multimode fiber
• SRx-HDMI (optional) module scales video to one of 30 different resolutions
• Two-port (VG-RX2) and four-port (VG-RX4) functionality
• Uncompressed multi-format video at 1920x1200
• Multi-format audio & RS-232
• Daisy-chain capability with full bidirectional signal support
• Advanced EDID management and HDCP compliance
• Host of audio options for de-embedding HDMI audio or embedding analog audio into the HDMI stream

Product Functionality Part number
VG-RX2-MM-HDMI-ISA Two-port HDMI Receiver with HDCP, audio and duplex RS-232 2320007-01
VG-RX4-MM-HDMI-ISA Four-port HDMI Receiver with HDCP, audio and duplex RS-232 2320017-01
VG-RX2-MM-SRxHDMI-ISA Two-port HDMI Scaling Receiver with HDCP, audio and duplex RS-232 2320008-1
VG-RX4-MM-SRxHDMI-ISA Four-port HDMI Scaling Receiver with HDCP, audio and duplex RS-232 2320018-01



Item Description
DC input power Provided by the CORE module. However, power consumption of this module alone is approximately 0.5 watts.
Video Support Video output formats:
• Maximum resolution supported = 1080p or 1920x1200.
• Maximum color-depth = 24 bits per pixel (8 bits per color).
• Maximum refresh rate = 60Hz @ 1920x1200.
Audio Characteristics This module automatically provides embedded HDMI-audio (if audio is available at the source AND if the EDID in the sink or display device supports it).
* For analog-audio output, please use the ISA auxiliary module.
Connectors (1) HDMI-output, (1) CORE docking connector
EDID/DDC This module supports the EDID/DDC connections on the HDMI connector.
HDMI Version 1.3b
HDCP Version 1.1. Classification: HDCP Repeater Device
CEC The HDMI "CEC" interface protocol is not currently supported. Note: The hardware is capable. A future firmware upgrade may enable this functionality.
Environmental Operating temperature: 32 to 104°F (0 to 40°C).
Storage temperature: -4 to +140°F (-20 to +60°C).
Humidity: 80% RH, non-condensing.
Enclosure Steel (0.040”/1mm thick).
Powder-coat black paint, white epoxy graphics.

Serial Interface

RS232 standard serial interface. Reflects DCE pinout standard.
Signals: TXD, RXD, RTS, CTS, DSR, DTR, DCD and RI.
Speeds: 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200, 230400 Baud.
Format: 8 data. 1 or 2 stop bits. no parity bit.
Flow control: Hardware and software flow-control is available, configurable on/off. t
Connector: DB9-Female, w/4-40 standoffs.
Note: Speed and data format are software-configurable via MAGui.
The ISA hardware is capable hardware and software (Xon/Xoff) handshaking. However, this capability is not yet enabled by the firmware. Check with Magenta Research for applicable firmware updates.

Audio interface

Discrete Left and Right line-level audio.
This module can function as an input (for TX) or output (for RX) device. The audio signal direction is under software control, and is selected automatically by the type of CORE module being used.
Audio-input mode (when used with VG-TX2 CORE):
Input voltage: 2V peak-to-peak, maximum.
Input impedance: >= 10K ohms.
Input coupling: AC (capacitive).
Input sample rate: 48KHz
Input frequency response: 20-20KHz, (@-3dB).
Audio-output mode (when used with VG-RX CORE):
Output voltage: 2V peak-to-peak, maximum.
Output impedance: <= 100 ohms.
Output coupling: AC (capacitive).
Output sample rate: 48KHz
Output frequency response: 20-20KHz, (@-3dB).
Connector: 3.5mm (1/8”) stereo-phono type jack.

System Size Assumes a typical 3-module configuration consisting of:
VIDEO + CORE + ISA modules, docked together:
1.75"(4.45cm)H x 7.75"(19.68cm)W x 5.25"(13.33cm)D
Weight: 2.2lbs (.635kg)
MTBF 100,000 hours.