Audio Balun II


The redesigned Audio Balun II is capable of transmitting point-to-point stereo audio to 2,000 feet (610 meters) over a single Cat5. A benefit exclusive to the Audio Balun II is the ability to use a single balun on the output side of a 9D distribution amplifier or Mondo Matrix Cat5 switch as a cost effective substitution for a MultiView receiver in applications that require audio only.

The Audio Balun II is sold individually. A pair is required for point-to-point audio applications. The units are passive and do not require power. 


Key Features:
Extends Stereo audio signal up to 2000 feet (610m) over CAT5 UTP cable

Available Versions

Product  Functionality Part number
Audio Balun II Audio Signal Extension using UTP cable  400R3385-01
  1. US part numbers. Non-US part numbers may vary. Some product configurations may not be available in your region. Please contact your local distributor for more information.