Analog video fiber-optic based transmitters

Two-port (VG-TX2-MM-VGA) or four-port (VG-TX4-MM-VGA) flexibility


Available in two-port (VG-TX2-MM-VGA) and four-port (VG-TX4-MM-VGA) functionalities, these Voyager transmitters accept any type of analog video (RGBHV, component, s-video or composite) as an input. Regardless of the video input type utilized, the output will be converted to a crisp 1080p digital signal for use with a Voyager HDMI or DVI receiver.

One multimode fiber-optic module is included with the unit. Additional modules can be ordered to cascade to a second Voyager transmitter or to distribute signals to multiple Voyager receivers.

Singlemode fiber optic modules supporting longer distances (4KM and 30KM) are also available from Magenta.

A power supply is also included.

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• Two (VG-TX2) or four (VG-TX4) duplex fiber output ports
• Analog to digital (1080p) video conversion
• Distance range of up to 18.75MI/30KM determined by receiver
• Singlemode or multimode fiber support
• Advanced EDID management and HDCP compliance
• Local video output (VGA)

Product Functionality Part number
VG-TX2-MM-VGA Two-port analog video Transmitter 2310003-01
VG-TX4-MM-VGA Four-port analog video Transmitter 2310013-01



Item Description
DC input power Provided by the CORE module. However, power consumption of this module alone is approximately 1.5 watts.
Video Support

Video input formats (video input port):
•  Maximum resolution supported = 1920x1080.
•  Maximum color-depth = 24 bits per pixel (8 bits per color).
•  Maximum refresh rate = 60Hz @ 1920x1080, 75HZ @ 1152x864.

Video output formats (local VGA output port only):
The local output port is essentially a direct copy of the VGA video input port. There are no local output ports for the non-VGA analog signals.

Connectors (1) VGA-input (HD-15F)
(1) VGA-output (HD-15F)
(1) S-Video input (6pin MiniDIN)
(1) Composite video input (RCA phono)
(3) Component video inputs (RCA phono)
(1) CORE docking connector
System Size Assumes a typical 2-module configuration consisting of:
VIDEO + CORE modules, docked together:
1.75"(4.45cm)H x 5.5"(13.967cm)W x 5.25"(13.33cm)D
Weight: 1.4lbs (.635kg)
EDID/DDC This module supports the EDID/DDC connections on the VGA input connector.