Magenta Teams Up with Siemon at InfoComm 2012 to Demonstrate Easier, Faster Fiber Optic Cable Termination

Siemon's fiber experts will use their proprietary XLR8 Fiber Termination Kit to educate the industry in terminating fiber connections cleanly, securely and reliably -- in under a minute
New Milford, CT, USA Wed, 2012-06-13

Magenta Research, a recognized leader in Pro AV signal switching, extension and distribution, has joined with Siemon, a global leader in network cabling solutions, to present a powerful technology demonstration at this year's InfoComm tradeshow. Throughout the show in Magenta's booth #N921, Siemon's fiber experts will use their proprietary XLR8 Fiber Termination Kit to educate the industry in terminating fiber connections cleanly, securely and reliably -- in under a minute.

To maximize fiber termination speed and connector performance, Siemon designed its XLR8 system from the ground up to reduce termination to a single optimized and intuitive process. This approach combines splicing and crimping into a single step as opposed to the more common multi-step method. The XLR8 process cuts termination times in half compared to competing systems, enabling faster and more efficient delivery of fiber-optic cabling links. This simplification also limits excess operator handling of connections during termination that can negatively impact splice integrity and link performance.

To further enhance connector performance, the entire XLR8 termination process is completed with the connector dust-cap in place, protecting the fiber’s critical end-face polish from contamination or damage. No other fiber termination method currently available offers this simple, yet highly effective feature. The connector‘s pre-polished end-face remains untouched and clean from the factory to the time of insertion into the connector. This optimizes both reliability and mated performance.

Siemon's fiber solutions are an ideal companion to Magenta's Voyager fiber-optic signal distribution platform. Featuring an interoperable set of transmitters, receivers and matrix switches, Voyager enables a virtually limitless variety of configurations for the distribution of uncompressed analog or digital video, audio and serial signals over both multimode and singlemode fiber. It offers switching to 640 total ports and Flex I/O that allows each port to be used as an input or output. Designed to deliver exceptional high-resolution image quality and 24/7 reliability over distances up to 18.6 miles, the Voyager series offers advanced functionality and usability for digital signage and pro AV systems integration.

"Siemon is excited to be working with Magenta to bring new AV technologies to market that will benefit our mutual customers,” said Robert Carlson, VP of Global Marketing. “Though Siemon is best known in the telecommunications industry, our cabling expertise makes us an ideal partner for integrators in the Pro AV world. In addition to offering the highest quality products, Siemon has a global network of highly trained Certified Cabling Installers who can be engaged to perform high quality cabling design and installation anywhere in the world.”

Magenta's Director of North American Sales Andy Fliss added, "Fiber is the clear infrastructure of the future, offering more signals, bandwidth, distance and security. We've found that some in the Pro AV industry may have been hesitant to adopt fiber in the past because of their perception that termination can be difficult and time-consuming. However now, with innovative technology like that offered by Siemon, distributing HD video, audio and serial signals over fiber-optic cabling can be as quick, easy and cost effective as it is powerful."

About Siemon:
Established in 1903, Siemon is an industry leader specializing in the manufacture and innovation of high quality, high-performance network cabling solutions. Headquartered in Connecticut, USA, with global offices, manufacturing and service partners throughout the world, Siemon offers the most comprehensive suite of copper (unshielded and shielded twisted-pair) category, and multimode and singlemode optical fiber cabling systems available. With more than 400 active patents specific to structured cabling, from patch cords to patch panels, Siemon Labs invests heavily in R&D and development of industry standards, underlining the company's long-term commitment to its customers and the industry.

About Magenta:
Serving the Pro AV and digital signage markets, Magenta Research is the industry-recognized leader in the transmission, switching and flexible distribution of multi-format video, audio and auxiliary signals over fiber and Cat-X cabling. Its product range includes AV extenders, distribution amplifiers and matrix switchers for DVI, HDMI, VGA, and component, composite, s-video, audio, USB, and RS-232 signals. Magenta’s world renowned MultiView, Infinea and Mondo products are benchmarks in field reliability for 24/7 and mission critical environments, and Magenta's Voyager Series is the world's first all-format fiber optic signal distribution platform. Hundreds of thousands of displays worldwide have been trusted with Magenta in virtually all environments including commercial, industrial, government, military, residential, transport, education, healthcare, retail, hospitality, sports and entertainment.