Magenta Research Displays New Connectivity Solutions at InfoComm MEA: Voyager Family Expands and MultiView Goes Digital!

New Milford, CT, USA Tue, 2012-10-02

Magenta Research, a recognized leader in Pro AV signal switching, extension and distribution will utilize the 2012 InfoComm MEA tradeshow, which takes place in Dubai on October 14-18, to introduce new additions to its Voyager and MultiView lines, Magenta’s core product ranges that offer complete, end-to-end solutions for fiber and UTP-based signal switching and distribution.

Voyager Series Additions

Magenta’s fully digital Voyager Series of fiber-optic based products, which began shipping in 2011, extend, switch and distribute video (including HDCP protected content) and auxiliary signals digitally over fiber-optic cable.

The centerpiece of Magenta’s exhibit, which will take place in the stand of Magenta distributor Mindstec, is a live Voyager switching demonstration, designed to show attendees just how fast a Voyager VG-Matrix switch can shift between different types of video sources, even those with HDCP. This advancement eliminates the widespread problem of a typical system negotiating with a video source, which results in blank or black screens being displayed to end users.

New offerings include the Voyager 4-port transmitter which, when combined with the daisy-chaining capability of Voyager receivers, greatly enhances Voyager’s signal distribution options. The four-port transmitter core works seamlessly with any of Voyager’s currently available video modules, which are offered in VGA, component, HDMI (with HDCP) and DVI modes. It is a key component in enabling Voyager fiber-optic based matrix switching to reach a maximum size of 640 total ports.

Magenta’s new SRx ScaleMax™ Receiver is ideal for applications where there is a mix of source video resolutions, and/or a mix of “native” display resolutions. Compatible with all incoming resolutions supported by Voyager, it scales the video signal to a wide variety of output resolutions up to 1920x1200. Incorporating CORIO®2 scaling technology developed by Magenta’s sister company TV One, the HDMI/DVI compatible SRx maintains aspect ratio and embedded audio, is HDCP compliant, converts between RGB and YPbPr color space, and delivers a pristine image free from artifacts.

Also on display, and contributing to Voyager’s role as a complete signal distribution system, is the Voyager Compact Format (CF) line of products, which includes the CF-18, a rack-mountable chassis designed to densely pack 18 Voyager CF transmitters into a space-saving 4U enclosure. The CF-18 eliminates the need for separate power supplies and significantly reduces installation time, while providing a streamlined, condensed rack-based solution.

Stand-alone Voyager CF products will be on display at InfoComm MEA as well. Only an inch deep, CF devices are much smaller than the existing, modular Voyager transmitters and receivers, and come with built-in mounting ears, allowing them to be easily secured behind a display or under a desk.

Voyager New Products:

  • Voyager VG-Tx4: 4-port Transmitter increases Voyager signal distribution options and expands Voyager matrix switch sizes to 640 total ports
  • Voyager SRx ScaleMax Receiver module: HDMI/DVI compatible receiver enhanced with CORIO®2 scaling technology to support a mix of source video and/or display resolutions
  • Voyager CF-18: 4U: Rack-mountable chassis that holds and powers 18 Voyager CF transmitters
  • Voyager CFS Series: Compact format, stand-alone Voyager transmitters and receivers


MultiView Series Adds Digital Video

InfoComm MEA will also serve as the international debut of upgrades to Magenta’s venerable MultiView series, which has served — for more than 10 years — as the most adaptable solution for the distribution of Pro-AV signals over UTP cable. MultiView II enhancements are all designed to make it even easier to deliver 1080p resolution (and higher) video with best-in-class performance at distances to 2,000 feet. Best of all, now MultiView does digital. Even with a copper infrastructure, it is now possible to send 1080p DVI video to 2,000 feet away, thanks to Magenta's proprietary method of transmission over twisted pair.

MultiView II Upgrades Include:

  • Totally revamped, all external configuration scheme with easy-to-use buttons and status LEDs; previous MultiView products occasionally required internal jumper or dip-switch repositioning to change configurations.
  • Updated and improved EDID & DDC modes of operation
  • Improved sync control
  • Fourth-pair configuration options (for aux data like serial and audio)
  • Streamlined connector locations for more intuitive rack mounting
  • Fully backwards compatible with all previously-manufactured MultiView equipment


About Magenta
Serving the Pro AV and digital signage markets, Magenta Research is the industry-recognized leader in the transmission, switching and flexible distribution of multi-format video, audio and auxiliary signals over fiber and Cat-X cabling. Its product range includes AV extenders, distribution amplifiers and matrix switchers for DVI, HDMI, VGA, and component, composite, s-video, audio, USB, and RS-232 signals. Magenta’s world renowned MultiView, Infinea and Mondo products are benchmarks in field reliability for 24/7 and mission critical environments, and Magenta's Voyager Series is the world's first all-format fiber optic signal distribution platform. Hundreds of thousands of displays worldwide have been trusted with Magenta in virtually all environments including commercial, industrial, government, military, residential, transport, education, healthcare, retail, hospitality, sports and entertainment.

About Mindstec
Mindstec Distribution FZO, specializes in procurement and distribution of high-end audio-visual system-solutions in Middle East & Africa. Part of a group of companies, strategically straddling Asia and the MENA region, Mindstec is a leader in AV distribution and has been responsible for bringing the latest cutting-edge technology to these regions at an affordable price.