Magenta Research Bows Multiple Line Extensions at InfoComm 2013

Orlando, FL, USA Mon, 2013-06-10

Magenta Research, a recognized leader in Pro AV signal switching, extension and distribution will be exhibiting new additions to its Voyager, MultiView and HD-One lines,  their core product ranges that offer complete, end-to-end solutions for fiber and UTP-based signal switching and distribution.

Voyager Series Additions

Magenta’s fully digital Voyager Series of fiber-optic based products, which began shipping in 2011, extend, switch and distribute video (including HDCP protected content) and auxiliary signals digitally over fiber-optic cable.


New offerings include the Voyager 4-port core, which allows for the creation of widely distributed video systems than can support numerous sources and display even in the absence of a large, central matrix router. Each of the four ports can be configured as an input or output, creating a versatile switcher/distribution amplifier that supports video, audio and control extension. The four-port transmitter core works seamlessly with any of Voyager’s currently available video modules, which are offered in VGA, component, HDMI (with HDCP) and DVI modes


Magenta’s new SRx ScaleMax™ Receiver is ideal for applications where there is a mix of source video resolutions, and/or a mix of “native” display resolutions. Compatible with all incoming resolutions supported by Voyager, it scales the video signal to a wide variety of output resolutions up to 1920x1200. Incorporating CORIO® scaling technology developed by Magenta’s sister company TV One, the HDMI/DVI compatible SRx maintains aspect ratio and embedded audio, is HDCP compliant, converts between RGB and YPbPr color space, and delivers a pristine image free from artifacts.         


Also on display, and contributing to Voyager’s role as a complete signal distribution system, is the Voyager Pro Audio Module (PAC). The PAC module connects directly to Voyager Core TX/RX modules and supports balanced or unbalanced audio as well as serial control connections. By using the PAC, systems designers can maximize the advantages of fiber optics for managing audio and control signals over great distances without signal degradation.


Voyager New Products:

  • Voyager VG-Tx4: 4-port Transmitter increases Voyager signal distribution options and expands Voyager matrix switch sizes to 640 total ports
  • Voyager SRx ScaleMax Receiver module: HDMI/DVI compatible receiver enhanced with CORIO®2 scaling technology to support a mix of source video and/or display resolutions
  • Voyager PAC – Audio and serial control module
  • HD-One 500 Series – CATx extension of HDMI/DVI w/HDCP over more than 500 feet.


MultiView Series Now a Complete Digital Video Solution

The New Multiview II DVI Receiver allows management of 1080p digital video, audio and serial control end-to end over 1000 feet of UTP cable. The new receiver can utilize existing Multiview switching and routing accessories including Magenta’s venerable Mondo III matrix switching platform. Expandable digital video systems can be designed with sizes that range from simple point-to-point systems to matrices as large as 256x512.


HD-One 500 Series

Having developed a reputation for plug-and-play ease of use along with superior replication quality, Magenta’s HD-One Series now includes the HD-One DX500 – which provides UTP-based HDMI video (with HDCP) and embedded audio extension over a single cable to 500 feet – and the HD-One LX500, which adds support for two-way IR and RS-232 signals. In addition to their extended reach, HD-One500 products are engineered to use less power, dissipate less heat, resulting in market-leading performance and longevity.