Magenta Bridges the Gap for Colorado State University

New Milford, CT, USA Thu, 2010-04-29

Magenta Research is proud to announce a state-of the-art installation equipping Colorado State University’s College of Business for global communication.   Magenta was chosen to provide a connectivity solution that would allow the routing of video audio and control signals to classrooms, conference rooms and common areas.

Colorado State University (CSU), is located in Fort Collins, Colorado, and hosts approximately 25,000 resident-instruction students who come from every state and more than 80 foreign countries. CSU has an extensive distance learning program with students attending from around the world.  The distance-learning program allows students who cannot physically attend classes to attend lectures via Internet or DVD. One of the challenges that the university faced was keeping the distance-learning students up-to-speed with lecture materials.  Distance-learning students depend heavily on internet lectures and receiving recorded DVDs of previous lectures.

Professors only have seven minutes between classes to set up microphones, mixers, switchers, and cameras. The set up and testing of this equipment is time consuming, labor intensive and subject to errors. Having localized video equipment in each classroom required the professor to physically be in the classroom to make changes to the AV configuration.  By incorporating the Mondo Matrix, AV signals (camera feeds and stored media) could easily be routed throughout the CSU College of Business campus to different classrooms from a central control location. This allows a technician to preset the AV configuration for the lecture without the professor’s involvement, thus increasing internet lecture efficiency and decreasing the professor’s setup and DVD production times.

By utilizing the Magenta configuration, each lecture can now be transmitted and stored centrally to a DVD burning system. Centrally locating this burning system is possible due to the Mondo Matrix video switch. In addition to the Magenta installation, Hewlett-Packard provided HP computers, accessories and digital signage products in the labs and offices at the CSU College of Business. “With only seven minutes between classes to set up, having Magenta Research equipment incorporated into our design gives us the ability to bring this content into the classroom efficiently where it is transparent to the faculty, students, and most importantly to the presenter.  It is also much easier for us to fully record these events and redistribute the content to other faculty, students, and other constituents outside of this one particular class,” said Jon Schroth, the Director of Technology, College of Business, Colorado State University.

Few facilities have taken this centralized approach to serving technology needs of the whole building, an approach that mitigates the duplication and extra staff time required to manage a decentralized solution.  “A single classroom services 40 students for our distance MBA program,” explained Schroth.  “However, we have over 400 students that use that classroom content as a critical component of their distance MBA degree.  That makes the value proposition of our new building that much more compelling versus a traditional academic building,” said Schroth.

“Magenta research is the key component that makes this all possible,” said Schroth. “We believe we have selected a vendor with an outstanding track record for support and reliability, and its technology is flexible enough to work with us to meet our unique needs and demands not only for today but also in the future as our needs continue to grow and change over time.”

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