MultiView Transmitter Comparison

Transmitters STX XRTX T4 Octet Morph-It TX3
Maximum Distance
and Resolution
Receiver Dependent
DDC Support - - -
Composite, Component 
& S-video1
Local Out -
Cascade - 2 2 2
UTP Ports 1 1 4 8 13
Rackmount Option Rackmount kit option Rackmount only. Requires Morph-It Chassis
Available Versions
-A Version: 
Video + Audio 
(OR Transmit Simplex)4
-S Version:
Video + Transmit Only Serial
- - -
-232 Version: 
Video + Duplex Serial
- - -
-SA Version:
Video + Stereo Audio
+ Duplex Serial
- - -
-SAP Version:
Video + Stereo Audio + Addressable Duplex Serial
- -

1 With optional Multimedia Breakout Cable.

2 Local VGA output can used for local monitoring or for cascading to any other transmitter type for additional outputs. External splitters may be used to distribute audio and serial signals to cascaded transmitters.

3 MorphitTX has two full transmitters per card and 1-port per transmitter. Local out is available on each card except -A/-S single slot cards (double slot -A/-S available).

4 L/R Summed Audio or SPDIF Audio. The L/R Channels of the source are combined into one signal which is distributed to both L/R speakers. Serial and SPDIF options are field configurable only.