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Magenta Research has a long history of engineering solutions for the Pro AV industry. Our current technology offerings can be distilled down into four main product groups:

MultiView is the Pro AV industry’s top choice for the extension, switching and distribution of analog video, audio and serial signals over UTP cable. The resolution capabilities and distance reach of the MultiView Series are unmatched. All products are also designed with a “building block” mentality, which ensures that MultiView can easily be adapted to any type of installation footprint required.

When combined with the MultiView Series. Magenta’s Mondo Matrix enables highly-configurable full matrix switching options from 16x16 all the way to 256x512. The Mondo’s modular design easily allows field-upgrades (in 16 input/output increments), ensuring that the switch can grow and adapt to your application’s changing requirements. Casino's around the world have come to rely on the Mondo Matrix to power their digital signage.

Voyager is Magenta’s new fiber-optic-based extension, distribution and switching solution for Pro AV signal routing. Voyager fully supports today’s high-definition digital signals (and HDCP), and can also convert analog signals to digital. Switching solutions range from 8x8 to 160x160 (and even larger!).

Magenta’s Infinea family offers solutions to enable the rock-solid extension and/or distribution of digital signals like HDMI and DVI. Tired of problems with poor quality HDMI extension kits? Try Magenta’s HD-One DX and LX kits. Magenta’s Infinea DVI, which handles DVI video, audio and serial, also boasts the unique feature of allowing receivers to be daisy-chained back and forth between the copper and fiber domains as necessary.