Multiview Family

The Benchmark in AV Distribution over UTP

Incorporating a building block approach for AV signal distribution, Magenta’s world renowned MultiView Series consists of a comprehensive suite of products that adapt to simple and complex installations alike in order to easily allow the extension, distribution or switching of pro AV signals over UTP cable.

Whether the application is point-to-point (one input/transmitter extended to one receiver/display), point to multi-point (one input/transmitter extended to multiple receivers/displays), or multi-point to multi-point (multiple inputs/transmitters dynamically switched between multiple receivers/displays), the MultiView Series combines the industry’s longest distance reach over UTP (2,000 feet), with crisp high-definition video reproduction across a variety of configuration options.

The MultiView Series is available with the following functionality:

MultiView -A Video & Audio
MultiView -SAP Video, Stereo Audio & Addressable Duplex Serial


     MultiView Series
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