Mondo Matrix

Mondo Matrix Family of Products
Mondo Matrix Front and Back Image

Scalable from 16x16 to a massive 256x512, Magenta’s Mondo Matrix UTP-based switching platform has become the standard in switch-centered applications for both small and large venues alike. Hundreds of thousands of Mondo ports are in use today, powering signage and information displays in casinos, sports stadiums, command and control centers and transportation hubs around the world.

The Mondo III is easy to field upgrade (in increments of 16 inputs and/or outputs) and, when combined with Magenta’s MultiView Series, can extend, switch and distribute 1920x1200 resolution analog video, audio and serial to distances of 2,000 feet.

The Mondo Direct option directly integrates MultiView transmitters into a switch, saving even more rack space and allowing for a speedier and cleaner installation.