Whether the challenge is to distribute AV to flight information displays over very long distances at the world’s largest airports, or to reduce the cost and complexity of distributing AV in each train or subway car, Magenta Research has risen to the challenge by delivering unique functionality such as 2000ft/609m extension and long range daisy-chaining.

Transportation Installations

  • Anchorage International Airport
  • Baltimore-Washington Airport
  • Charles des Gaules Airport France
  • Chicago O-Hare Airport
  • Colorado Springs Airport
  • Denver Airport
  • Jackson-Evers International Airport (MS)
  • JFK Airport (NY)
  • LaGuardia Airport (NY)
  • Minneapolis Airport
  • Norwegian Airport Train
  • Orlando Airport Sacramento Airport
  • Oslo Airport

Mass Transit

  • London Underground (the Tube)
  • New Jersey Transit
  • Metra Rail
  • Montreal Subway
  • Penn Station
  • Port Authority of NY and NJ
  • Seoul Korea Subway