Recommended UTP

When ordering MultiView AK600, AK1200 or XR-2000 UTP receivers, Magenta customers have the option of ordering AkuComp II skew compensation factory-installed into each receiver. This option is highly recommended for customers that are not aware of their cable’s skew tendencies, or do not have the ability to specify a Magenta approved cable.

AkuComp II offers 62ns of skew compensation per color.

When using MultiView AK600, AK1200 or XR-2000 receivers without the AkuComp II option, or an MV500 Series receiver (which does not offer skew compensation), please choose from among the following Magenta-approved low-skew cables:

  • Belden 7987
  • Belden 7988
  • Gepco LSK04
  • Mohawk 58813 or 58814
  • WestPenn 58813 or 58814
  • Liberty TruPhase-p

For receivers with the AkuComp II option installed it is recommended to select cable using the following criteria:

  • Use 800 feet or less of gigabit cable that carries a rating of 45n/s of nominal delay skew (or less) per 100 meters) OR use 2,000 feet or less of 10/100 cable that carries a rating of 25 n/s of nominal delay skew (or less) per 100 meters.

Some skew-free cables are specific to a particular vendor’s UTP extension products and are not compatible with Magenta products. Please ensure that any skew-free cable is non-proprietary prior to use with Magenta Products.

UTP Signal Paths with MultiView:

Pair Color Pins Signal
1 Blue 4,5 Blue channel
Encoded H-Sync if VGA
Right audio if AV
V Signal if YUV
2 Orange 1,2 Red channel
Encoded V-Sync if VGA
Left audio if AV
U signal if YUV
3 Green 3,6 Green channel
Y Signal if YUV
4 Brown 7,8 L/R summed audio in A versions
SPIDF audio in SPDIF versions
Serial data (simplex or duplex modes)
Digitized stereo audio and serial data (-SA/-SAP versions)