Application Diagrams

Magenta’s world renowned products provide the most comprehensive portfolio of products enabling from the simplest to most complex installations. These products combine the world’s longest extension and highest resolution capabilities with a wide variety of configuration options. These include:


Signal Extension, UTP, Point to Point
MultiView at its most basic. A single UTP cable delivers high-definition video, plus auxiliary signals such as audio and RS-232 (if required). MultiView receivers are sold in distance tiers (500, 600, 1200 and 2,000 feet). Simply choose the distance for your application and pick a “flavor” of MultiView (-A, -S, -232, -SA or –SAP) to reliably and accurately deliver the signals you need.

Signal Distribution, UTP
The entire MultiView line of products is designed to work together, making it effortlessly adaptable to any application footprint. Transmitters can be cascaded and receivers can be daisy-chained in order to deliver video and aux signals from a single source to multiple displays. The MultiView 9D distribution amplifier also takes a single input from a MultiView transmitter and serves up 9 UTP outputs. Cascade 9Ds and/or daisy-chain receivers off 9D outputs to reach hundreds (or thousands) of displays.

Signal Switching, UTP, Full Matrix
For dynamic installations and applications that require the ability to change signal routing at a moment’s notice, Magenta offers a variety of UTP full matrix switching options. MultiView 8x8 and 16x16 switches are purpose built for smaller, fixed size jobs and feature dedicated front-panel push button controls. For larger applications, Magenta’s scalable Mondo Matrix III fits 64 inputs and 16 outputs into a 4U chassis and can be configured from 16x16 all the way up to a whopping 256x512! The Mondo is also super easy to field upgrade, so it can grow along with your project.

Signal Extension, Fiber, Point to Point
Voyager is Magenta’s fiber-optic based extension, switching and distribution product line for digital and analog video, along with audio and RS-232. Highly configurable, Voyager is offered in a variety of video formats (VGA, HDMI, DVI) and supports HDCP. A single simplex fiber links a Voyager transmitter and receiver to deliver uncompressed high-res video (plus audio and control if needed), while a strand of duplex fiber adds support for HDCP and two way RS-232. Simply choose a fiber type (multimode or singlemode), specific Voyager SKUs, plug everything in and you’re off!

Signal Switching, Fiber, Full Matrix
Voyager also serves up full matrix switching options for fiber-optic based applications. Voyager VG Matrix’s are offered in 48-port and 160-port versions, with both available with optional front-panel integrated touch-panel control PCs. When using simplex fiber, the 48 port can operate (fully populated) as a 48x48 and the 160 as a 160x160. When using duplex fiber, each input and output of the switch can be used as an input or output, giving users incredible granularity. This means, for example, a 48 port switch, with two 8-port I/O cards, could operate as a 1x15, 2x14, 3x13, 4x12, 5x11, 6x10, 7x9… or any other combination.